Why I don’t and you shouldn’t use PIA

PIA (privateinternetaccess.com) is a fairly well established commercial VPN provider.

However after using it for some time I discovered it was not really offering the service I wanted from a VPN provider.

If you just want to bypass geo blocking then you PIA is fine, but if you actually want to secure your connection PIA is not the tool for the job.

I have since switched to using AirVPN.org

Here’s a few reasons why PIA is not suitable.

– Doesn’t use different entry and exit-IP addresses on servers to prevent notorious correlation attacks (critical problem)
– Uses proprietary software that is not free and open source (critical problem)
– No DNS servers, so leaks DNS queries, exposing the user (critical problem)
– Company operates from the USA (critical problem)
– Port forwarding system is very basic and works only on some servers
– No guarantee of an allocated bandwidth
– Security compromised for marketing reasons (they push customers to use weaker ciphers & PPTP)
– Doesn’t meet PrivacyTools.io criteria

Happy VPNing

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