Why I don’t and you shouldn’t use PIA

PIA (privateinternetaccess.com) is a fairly well established commercial VPN provider.

However after using it for some time I discovered it was not really offering the service I wanted from a VPN provider.

If you just want to bypass geo blocking then you PIA is fine, but if you actually want to secure your connection PIA is not the tool for the job.

I have since switched to using AirVPN.org

Here’s a few reasons why PIA is not suitable.

– Doesn’t use different entry and exit-IP addresses on servers to prevent notorious correlation attacks (critical problem)
– Uses proprietary software that is not free and open source (critical problem)
– No DNS servers, so leaks DNS queries, exposing the user (critical problem)
– Company operates from the USA (critical problem)
– Port forwarding system is very basic and works only on some servers
– No guarantee of an allocated bandwidth
– Security compromised for marketing reasons (they push customers to use weaker ciphers & PPTP)
– Doesn’t meet PrivacyTools.io criteria

Happy VPNing

How to disable Twitter’s new Highlights feature notification on Android

Twitter introduced a new feature called Highlights, that’s intended to help you stay informed on the most important tweets and conversations among your followers. In reality is really not very good. it’s another pointless distraction and imo it needs turning off.

Thankfully it’s quite simple to do.

Screenshot_2015-10-02-11-07-13  Screenshot_2015-10-02-11-27-45

  • Select the settings menu
  • Tap on your account name, if you have multiple, you’ll need to do this for each
  • Tap on mobile notifications
  • Scroll down the list of settings until you each Highlights, uncheck the checkbox to disable.

That’s it you’ll no longer get the Highlights notifications.

Mac OSX TerminalColors not loaded error with Terminal version 2.1.1 (v273)

With the recent update to OSX Snow Leopard if your’re using the TerminalColors SIMBL plugin you may notice you’ll have an error when loading your Terminal.

This is easily fixable, by modifiying the Info.plist in the plugin to check for a higher version.

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/SIMBL/Plugins/TerminalColours.bundle/Contents

open Info.plist in your favourite editor find the following lines:


change the 272 to 273
save the file, close your Terminal.app completely (Cmd+Q)

Start Terminal again and everything should be back to normal.

Google thinks every result is spam/malware?

I’ve turned my computer on today gone to search google and found that all the results have a warning under them…

“This site may harm your computer”

even amazon… what are google doing to me?

Clicking on them gives me a google page that blocks me access to the page. 🙁

Google reckons all it's results are harmful
Google reckons all it's results are harmful

//Update @ 15:16 GMT
It would appear that I am not the only one, Google is actually broken, someone’s committed some broken code, whoops.

Theres loads of threads on the Google support forum about this.