Keep track of your mobile usage with ‘My Allowance’ for Android

My Allowance app for Android.
Allows you to keep track of your mobile usage


  • Current allowance usage
  • Overspend during the current billing period
  • Details of your last and next bill

The app is in its early stages, but I believe has all the information needed to make it useful to people now.
I plan to make improvements to the UI, Speed and add more networks. (At the moment only O2 UK is supported)

All you need is an O2 online account. Input your login details and your away.

You can get it from the Android Market for just 59p

Here’s a couple of screenshots

Any suggestions, issue or feedback, please feed free to comment here, or drop me an email.


Remove all permission blocks on S60 phone to allow installation of unsigned applications

In this post I will describe how to give full write permission on your Symbian S60 smartphone, this will enable you to install UNSIGNED applications. Freedom!

First off, a couple of things you will need:

  • You need to be running windows XP/Vista
  • Nokia PC Suite 6.85 or earlier

Nokia have patched newer versions of this software to block this hack.
Already have a newer version of Nokia PC Suite? Uninstall it, download and install version 6.84.

With everything prepared lets get on with it…

Use USB to connect your phone to your PC in PC Suite mode.

We need to find out what port the computer is using to connect to your phone, we do this by on of the following methods:

Win XP: Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Ports
Win Vista: Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Ports.

Look for your phone in the list, in my case my phone is labelled ‘Nokia N95 USB (COM14)’
Note down this number in brackets after COM, you will need it later.

On your phone now, open the application AppTRK (you should have installed in preparation for this hack.
Your phone will ask to connect to a bluetooth device, click cancel when it does.
In AppTRK Go to options>settings>connection and change it to USB. Go back to the AppTRK’s main screen and selection options then connect.

You should see the following:

Now open up the Hack Perm python file you downloaded in notepad on your PC, press CTRL+F and search for “ser =” (Without the quotes, ofc). The line should read:

ser = serial.Serial(5) # I have COM6

Change the number 5 in the brackets to 1 less than the number you noted down from the device manager earlier, in my case it was 14, so I enter 13 in the brackets.

Save the file. (CTRL + s)

Once you have done this, just double click the Hack Perms file, if the window opens and closes so quickly you can’t see anything, there was a problem, check all the previous steps and make sure you are using Nokia PC Suite no later than version 6.85.

If window stays open, wait for about 5 seconds, you should see this, notice the “!!!!!!!!!!!candidate!!!!!!!!!!!”, This means the hack was successful, the program will exit just after displaying this notice.

Now your phone is ready to allow you to install any unsigned applications.